Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Some pause. . .

I was reminded a few weeks ago that before you hit post or send on digital media, it might be wise to ask yourself if you would say that same thing in the same way face to face.  I think this is good advice.  I admit that I am sometimes rather snarky but I do try to focus my post on issues instead of individuals.  Those who read this blog join me in wishing that those who posted would do the same.  We can disagree respectfully and with integrity.  It can be done. . . if we want to do it.

Secondly, I was reminded that what I post is the same as preaching it from the pulpit because people associate it not with me only (or anyone who posts on social media) but with the office I hold.  There again are words to give us all pause. 

So let me apologize at this point for those words which have been spoken without love and without regard to how they might be received.  I am sorry.  It is not my intention to speak callously of others even thought it is my intention to point some issues out bluntly.  I only wish that a few of the commenters would make the same apology and endeavor to post more forthrightly and honorably as Christian men and women. 

Okay. . . I made my point.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Peters, until you decide to moderate comments and block and ban people commenting who are a problem, do not complain about comments on hour blog.

Seriously...this is beneath you.

The solution is easy, but you apparently are unwilling to do what you need to do.

So, stop with the finger-wagging. Man up and take care of the problem.

Carl Vehse said...

Rev. Peters,

I agree with the previous comment that problem posts, such as spam (in English or some other language), topic-irrelevant posts and doxxing attacks, should be blocked or deleted.

Furthermore, I suggest that a poster (with or without a Divine Call as a pastor) who makes unsubstantiated ad hominem accusations against the blog moderator or other posters, rather than dealing with the blog topic, should be warned, and if that poster continues such unsubstantiated attacks, he should be banned.