Saturday, October 26, 2019

Words to warm my heart. . .

I came home from Church tired.  Two services and a Bible study can tax your stamina whether you are pastor or parish musician.  But it is also taxing for a mom who, because her husband is not available this Sunday morning, is a single parent of two at least when it comes to Church.  She wrote more eloquently than I could because she lived it and she made the harder choice.  God bless her for making that choice for herself and for her children.  Would that more would make the same more difficult choice on Sunday.  But enough of me, read on in her words. . . 
It would be easier.

It would be easier to stay in bed. It would be easier to relax on the couch and sip my coffee while the kids watch tv. It would be easier to not leave the house at 7:30 am.

This morning I reheated my coffee 4 times I think. And I still didn't finish it. A was tearing the house apart and pulling out all the toys that I had worked so hard to clean up yesterday. B was giving me attitude, telling me he didn't want to go. I forgot I had cleaned the carseats yesterday, so I had to put them together and reinstall them. It would have been easier to just say screw it, and not even bother and just relax instead. 

It would have been SO MUCH EASIER.

But we all need this. We need to pray, to hear the Word, receive the sacraments. And I need grace, and to hear I am forgiven despite all my shortcomings and sinfulness.

We need it.

So on Sundays, we go to church. Even though it would be so much easier not to. Because after we go, I know we made the right choice. And my week is easier because I made the hard choice on Sunday.
God bless Heidi and all those parents who make the hard choice that is the right choice.  I know the Lord understands what she goes through to make sure they are there on Sunday morning and I want her to know that so do I.


Anonymous said...

That's great stuff. Thanks pastor!

Sean said...

Wonderful post. Thank you.