Friday, December 20, 2019

The time has come. . .

It is especially distressing that only days from the most solemn celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord, I read comments that are angry, bitter, and, in some cases, vulgar.  It goes without saying that a few commenters have had a history of such and I have tried to be patient.  In some cases I have sent private words counseling the individuals to refrain from posting such comments.  I have also posted columns to urge people to think twice before hitting the post button.  Nothing seems to have worked.  Though I had hoped to allow comments in the free exchange of ideas, it appears that this is not possible right now.  So from now on all comments will be moderated by me.  That means if you comment, I may not post what you have to say.  It also means that because I am busy, I may not have time to review comments and moderate them in a timely manner.  I hope not to offend but to give us all a break for a while and see if we can be civil even in our disagreements.  You do not have to refrain from being blunt but neither is the comment window the place for personal vendettas and name calling.

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