Monday, April 13, 2020

Virtual Common Cup?

It appears that the chalice is virtual in this video from the Cathedral in Upsala,  Sweden.  A strange thing for a Lutheran church but even stranger is the tipping of the chalice toward the communicant, as if this were like communing.  I suppose, in the end, it is no odder than the drive by Sacraments or communions at home with your bread and wine in front of the screen.  But what was also curious to me is that Sweden is pursuing a much less vigorous stance toward social restrictions and yet, at least for this video, the congregation is clearly a representative sample and not a full church -- unless this is what passes for an Easter Sunday crowd in largely secular Sweden.  I write this with some sadness since I am half Swedish.  Innovation is not always a friend to faithfulness. 


Carl Vehse said...

That video at the Cathedral of Updala is from the Church of Sweden with Bishopette Karin Maria Elisabet Johannesson. The Church of Sweden allows (and has) LGBTQXYZ clergy and same sex "marriage."

The Church of Sweden is not Lutheran. In fact, it could be argued that the Church of Sweden is "embodying apostasy."

Anonymous said...

In addition to the Cup tipping, there is a sort of double cafeteria operation going on. Up close, we see a group receiving, but in the distance, back at the Communion Rail, we see a second group also receiving. Seems strange to be in a hurry with so few people to receive.

Oh, well, when you put women in charge, we should expect things to be done differently.

Continuing Anglican Priest

Anonymous said...

The other evening, my husband and I were out for a walk in the neighborhood, nodding hello to people we passed but remaining at a safe distance. We passed one yard with a wood privacy fenced and I noted the smell of incense. Through gaps in the fence, I saw that there was an Anglican mass going on, complete with a picnic table alter spread with the Eucharist and candles. The people in attendance were all standing at a safe distance apart. What a nice idea, a backyard service. The priest was in full vestments with the flag of St Andrews on the back. Much better than watching on YouTube.