Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Some more thoughts on single issue voting. . .

After doing some more thinking on this matter, I am even more convinced that for the orthodox Christian, abortion is that single issue that must override all other concerns in the ballot box.  And to be consistent, if slavery were on the ballot, that would be THE issue.  But it is not.  Slavery is not only not on the ballot, it is illegal.  Many other moral issues are also NOT on the ballot -- not because they are not wrong or immoral but because the law has already come down on the correct side of the issue.  Prejudice in employment is illegal.  Racism is illegal.  These might be single issues that could determine an outcome for the voter but they are not on the ballot.  Abortion clearly is.  

The candidates have made it clear that they have staked out unalterable positions on this matter.  Biden will enforce the immoral law that made it legal, will for the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for it, will strip the exemptions against it from everyone except the congregations, and will work to make sure that public funds pay for it.  To his credit, he has made this perfectly clear.  Trump has also made his stand clear.  He is opposed to abortion, desires the law to be ruled unconstitutional, and is working to place pro-life people on the courts.  We have a clear choice here.  

If the same conditions existed for slavery, I would promote the one who was opposed to slavery -- no matter how legal it had been held to be.  But slavery has already been decided.  That, of course, does not mean it does not exist.  Making something illegal cannot make it disappear.  But it removes the sanction of the law, the cover or civic righteousness, and the ability of those to hide their personal accountability behind it.  That is why abortion is SO important today.

For all the attention given to LBGTQ+ issues, they are not now on the ballot.  Moreover, these issues have a strong and powerful ally in the media, are well bankrolled, and have many popular and public voices on their side (from politics and entertainment, just to name two areas).  If you are on the side of LBGTQ+, there is not much for your to fight for -- except changing people's minds -- because the law covers you.  

We could go down the list of seamless garment issues that are supposedly the same or equal to abortion and you would find that either they are not on the ballot or they already have the law on their side.  But the life issues are right now not only on the ballot but live under the threat of an immoral law.  That is why we cannot allow Biden a pass for being personally opposed but publicly supportive of the legal right (which I do not even think is a fair characterization of his position).  That is also why, no matter how immoral you may find Trump, he does come down on the correct side of this issue.  So I cannot give cover to people who want to equate all kinds of issues and decide that abortion cannot be treated differently.  It can and it must.


Carl Vehse said...

Rev. Peters: "That is also why, no matter how immoral you may find Trump, he does come down on the correct side of this issue."

In its September "LUTHERAN VOTER INFORMATION GUIDE - Fall 2020," the Minnesota North and South Districts—LCMS Public Policy Advisory Committee repeatedly noted a similar "challenge which, though not unique to this election season, is causing our members a significant level of anxiety." It seems that members of LCMS churches in Minnesota have a dliemma of deciding between "the candidate I judge to be the better person" or "the candidate I judge to have the better policies." As restated later in the "Guide", these Minnesota Lutheran members "find that the candidate whom they might prefer (or whom they find least objectionable) in terms of personal characteristics is not the candidate who represents the policy positions they believe are best."

Such claimed anxiety brings up the question - How many TDS-unhinged Lutheran NeverTrumpers are disgracing Missouri Synod churches in Minnesota, necessitating this "Lutheran Voter Information Guide"?

Furthermore, even though the "Voter Information Guide" is undated (a bad habit in LCMS publications), it appears to have been prepared prior to September 30. However, the October 14th revelations by NY Post, and numerous others since then have revealed and continue to expose the corruption, lies, bribery, misuse of US foreign policy, money-laundering, illegal drug use, coverups, and moral perversions by Joe, Hunter, and other members of the Biden Crime Family, as seen in emails, documents, photos and videos (some pornographic).

These October revelations turn any alleged "challenge"/"dilemma"/"anxiety" still facing Minnesota NeverTrump Lutheran congregations into total hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Pastor.
I did not vote for either Trump or Hillary in 2016 because because they were both poor, deeply faulted candidates and my degrees in Political Science and Public Administration would not allow me to support either. (I also knew Tennessee would go Republican in the Electoral College, so I could be self-righteous without any real risk.)
I voted (absentee due to health) for Trump this time. You are right when you say that abortion-on-demand is the slavery-issue of our generation. You are right when you remind us (in other posts) that God has used flawed people to do His will. (Think Nebakanezer being used to tells the Jews they had forsaken God and exiling them for 70 years before restoring them.)
Thank you for the clarity and comfort your blog gives me in these trying times...although I know times have always been trying for simple Christians.
Timothy Carter, simple country Deacon.