Thursday, October 29, 2020

Who sowed weeds among the wheat?

The direction of the influence is supposed to be from the Church to the world -- not the other way around.  When the disciples asked Jesus where the weeds/tares came from, Jesus said the devil sowed them.  Could it be that the devil is working with churches in sowing seeds against the Gospel, against the sacred that is from God, and against the Kingdom that is in but not of the world?  Well, you look and listen and let me know.  

Again, before those who are not Roman smugly laugh at this travesty, there are innumerable travesties that could be posted to reflect the goofiness and worse that happens in churches all the time (outside of Rome!). It is no wonder the Kingdom of God lags when the enemies of the Kingdom are sometimes those who were charged with nurturing that Kingdom by the administration of the means of grace.  

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Archimandrite Gregory said...

Makes ya want to (you finish the sentence)