Thursday, October 22, 2020

Vote for life. . .

Though there are many who are attempting to provide cover for those who do not like Trump but are also against abortion so that they may vote for Biden, this is no small matter.  No one has the authority to give you permission to vote for one candidate or another.  There is no moral authority who can grant any voter the permission to cast their vote one way or another.  YOU must make the choice.  This year it may be a choice you do not desire to make, but it is a choice you must make.  And for the Christian, the cause of life is no small matter.

It is imperative that we remember that a Christian should not cast a vote which would support the pro-choice stance.  It is also imperative to remember that not to vote at all is to fail to support the cause of life. Some have looked at Libertarian candidates as one option but if that Libertarian point of view leaves abortion legal and the choice up to the individual, that is not a choice we can in good conscience countenance.  IF there is candidate who can be counted upon to stand for life and against the politics of death, we should cast our vote for the cause of life.  While this is certainly true in the Presidential Election, it is no less true in state and local elections.

There is no righteous candidate out there whom we can support on every level or on every issue.  We have candidates before us who are all flawed on many levels.  But this is not a theoretical choice.  It is a choice that will affect the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of babies routinely aborted each and every year.  Millions and millions since abortion was legalized in 1973.  And this is not simply about abortion.  It is about the protection of the aged, the frail, and those whom society has decided are not living lives worth living.  It is about the choice of people to end their lives at will with the help of physician and medicine to make that choice a painless death.  It is about at least these and more.

Though some have tried to make abortion smaller, as merely one of many causes in the seamless garment of life issues, abortion is the center of the cause and the beating heart of the pro-life cause.  I will not tell you who to vote for.  I cannot and should not.  But I will tell you as a Christian, you should vote for the cause of life wherever the option is available to you.


John Joseph Flanagan said...

About 2300 unborn children are aborted each day in America. What a grevious statistic to contemplate.

Carl Vehse said...

In the next four years there will likely be two or three more SCOTUS vacancies needing to be filled. In addition to the hundreds of other federal court judges already appointed by President Trump (and confirmed by the Senate), there likely will be scores of additional vacancies in federal circuit and appeals courts that will need to be filled with pro-life and constitutionalist judges.

If Traitorjoe is elected, there is a real possibility the Harris-Biden kakistocracy will pack the courts to prevent the SCOTUS from ever having a pro-life majority, and appoint rabid socialist and pro-abortion people to federal benches.

Deliberate and unrepentant voting for the Demonicrat ticket puts a Christian's eternal soul in danger.

Anonymous said...

It almost seems to be a theme in your top two posts this morning. We love a good lie. We love to cover our unbelief with a lie.

Women can be ordained. Lie.
You can vote for a pro abortion politician. Lie.

I wonder if that isn't a measure for those who take their Christianity seriously, they hate lies and love the truth.