Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All over the news this morning.... Bleeeech!

We have had test tube babies for years.  Funny, in all the hubbub about genetically altered crops and such you would think that we might have the same hands off attitude toward the babies.  Well, that was not the point of this post!  It was all over the news this am.  Hamburger grown in the lab!  Suffice it to say that this son of Nebraska is personally offended by the notion that we can grow hamburgers in the lab!  Really!  Until you have smelled cattle s__t until it no longer is noticeable, until you have carried corn and hay over the snow drifts because the lives of your beef cattle were more important than your own health and well-being at the moment, until you have seen a critter hung up on a farmhand in the corn crib aging, until you have laid out the rib eye whole and sliced it down into thick, whole slabs headed for the grill, you should not be allowed to grow or make a hamburger.  Why, the next thing you know, they will want to grow a brisket in the lab. 

No, Virginia, there ain't no beef without the smell, the trouble, the messiness, the big butcher knife, and the hot grill awaiting its victim... I don't know what they grew in the UK but it twasn't beef.  It's the only real food, ya know!!  God made it.  I ate it.  That made it goooooood! (As Andy Griffith used to say!)

Read it and weep...


Sage said...

I remember my husband's first experience at dispatching the turkeys we raised a long time ago... he couldn't do it, so I was left to finish it out. Once you know the start to finish of your food, you really appreciate it. He learned after that.

Test tube meat, blech and retch. I want to see what I eat and know it walked God's good earth. This test tube stuff is a step down from the pink goo insanity.

I concur with what we had to do to keep them going. Including calving at the worst possible times, and all the other chores associated with getting the meat off the hoof to the freezer. Those were fun days, long and hard days, but fun nonetheless.

My favorite memory was getting eggs from tbe coop and avoiding the rooster's spurs. Chickens give a new meaning to the word dumb.

Anonymous said...

I hope McDonald's is not paying attention.

The article neglects to mention that demand for hamburger is skyrocketing because of the growing Chinese appetite for Big Macs.

~Cafeteria Lutheran