Sunday, February 26, 2012

Die Harder

David Mach's coat hanger crucifixion Die Harder has been installed in Southwark Cathedral. This is the first time that the work has been seen in London. The artist used coat hangers to create the image of Christ on the cross and it emphasizes the pain and suffering Christ endured.  Its title is just as shocking.  Die Harder.

You can read about it here....

It is shocking but perhaps the surprise of it all is that the cross no longer shocks and the suffering endured by our Lord to redeem a lost and fallen creation has been transformed into something less brutal and scandalous than it was...  When we attempt to veil the brutality of the cross, we end up only cheapening the cost our Lord actually paid there to save us...  I do not like this image but perhaps the stark nature of its portrayal of suffering is a necessary thing in this day when an empty cross is more common than a crucifix (especially among Lutherans).

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