Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Public Service Announcement

If you find mistakes, errors, or typos in this publication, please consider that they may be there for a purpose.  The management of this blog tries to publish a little something for everyone and since some people are always looking for mistakes, we try to oblige them.

The Editorial Team of Pastoral Meanderings.


Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

You get those kinds of comments too? I always chalk them up to, "Those who can do, those who can't, enjoy pointing out the mistakes of others."

Every once in a while I'll make one of these odd folk feel good about themselves by awarding them this:

Anonymous said...

Team??? Pastor, do you think of yourself now in the royal "we"?

Anonymous said...


That is the strategy I employed when I was in high school to keep my hyper critical mother off my back. I just left a few obvious minor things in plain sight for her to gripe about. That way she needn't really dig down for stuff that would hurt my feelings too much. It worked is as much as it satisfied her need to constantly complain about something and feeling satisfied she didn't often go after my failings that were closely tied to my own disappointment in myself. A real win-win.

Anonymous said...

The Church Militant is the only
army that shoots its wounded.