Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why our worship situation is so muddled...

Good Brother Weedon reports on a resolution which his parish submitted to the District Convention (Southern Illinois -- rather not a bastion of liberalism and a hotbed of contemporary worship and music in our Synod) to request that parishes use worship resources from among the many approved by Synod.  Alas, it was amazing how misunderstood both the resolution and the constitutional provision for parishes of the Synod to use only "doctrinally pure" hymnals and agendas.  If it finds these problems in SID, how on earth would it pass say in the Mid-South District????

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Anonymous said...

The reason that the resolution failed
at the SID Convention is simple.
The delegates thought it showed a
lack of TRUST with one another.
The LCMS Constitution already states
the concerns of the resolution.
We do not need Hymnbook Police in
any District of the LCMS.

Anonymous said...

Only a puritan, pious parish and
pastor would produce that type of

Paul said...

Our congregaton passed this resolution today (2/19/12) to present before our Mid-South District Convention: Resolved, that all district mission efforts, including church planting and campus ministry, be directed by a mission council composed of an equal number of Pastor and Laity from each electoral circuit, and be it further
Resolved, that all mission work center around the ministry of Word and Sacrament and use Synod-approved worship and educational materials exclusively.

Anonymous said...

There is no uniformity in doctrine nor in practice. We are afraid to discipline and to admonish one another as what it means to be Confessional in doctrine and practice. What a bunch of lone rangers.

Anonymous said...

We may not need hymnal police, but we surely need some doctrinal policing in the LCMS to start with. Perhaps if doctrinal discipline and adherence was practiced by our pastors and administrators the hymnal chaos would take care of itself.