Tuesday, December 31, 2013

At a loss for words. . .

According to the Pasadena Star News, a pair of homosexual hair stylists will “marry” on the parade route while riding a wedding-cake shaped float sponsored by the AHF.  Danny Leclair, 45, and Aubrey Loots, 42, jointly own the DNA Salons hairstyling chain in Southern California.  According to ABC News, a play on the parade’s 2014 theme “Dreams Come True,” and sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the float will celebrate same-sex marriage and the role it can play in helping to reduce new HIV infections among gay men.

As Pat Buchanan once observed.  The love that once dared not speak its name has become the love that will not shut up...

Must everything become a platform for GLBT causes?  Once again it has proven that the GLBT is no real oppressed minority since it has access to political power, effectively uses all the media (willingly) to promote its agenda, and kills all opposition with charges of being bigoted, a homophobe, or a hatemonger.  GLBT has become establishment but it will  not be satisfied until it becomes a tyrant policing the thoughts, speech, and opinions of all people, institutions, and religions.

My suggestion, turn off the TV when this float comes into view!

Makes me embarrassed about the theme for the 2014 Lutheran Hour Ministries float that will be in the parade (with Pres. Harrison on it).  Jesus welcomes all.  Sure to be misconstrued by friends and enemies of the LCMS.


Anonymous said...

The picture does have a lovely "rainbow" appearance ... very much in fashion these days.

Fr. D+
Anglican Priest

Anonymous said...

Once again, however, we are looking at the end result of factors we not only allowed but, too often, encouraged. The modern practice of legalizing gay marriage has its roots not in the gay community but in the straight community. Once we allowed marriage to be redefined as essentially a legal contract between two people who love each other, the door was open to all kinds of things.

Living together without marriage became an inevitable consequence. After all, if two people love each other, what is the need for a contract between them before they move in?

Easy divorce became inevitable. Once love is gone why not simply undo the contract through mutual agreement?

And so on...

For this reason I am less upset about the gay wedding than about the fact they allowed a wedding as part of the parade last year. Once marriage was trivialized to the point of making it part of a football parade it was pretty much unavoidable that a gay wedding would follow when it became legal. In fact, I don't know on what grounds the rose parade committee could have legally prevented it given that they had already allowed a wedding previously.

the fact is we need to stop whining about the facts that gays will use any opportunity to promote their views (well, duh, that's how we all do politics, including Christians) and, instead, get about the business of de-romanticizing marriage and bringing it back under the umbrella of a god ordained institution and vocation for our own youth so that, as a adults, they may have some chance of fixing the things we messed up.

Carl Vehse said...

In discussing the order of the floats in the 2014 Rose Parade, a BJS article, "What’s Missing in this Unfortunate Order? The Rose Parade gets confusing" notes:

In # 82 comes the AIDS float celebrating gay marriage, and right after it, you guessed it will be #83, the “Jesus Welcomes All” float of the Lutheran Laymen’s League. So right after the message of dreams coming true and two men being proudly “married” will come the message from the LCMS (or as many will probably not make the distinction, the “Lutherans”) of Jesus welcomes all.

It's hard to believe this was simply an unplanned coincidence on the part of the Calipornia Rose Parade planners. And I suspect fifth-column ABC/NBC propagandists will make the most of this "coincidence."

ReWatt said...

I watched the parade before reading any of this. I saw #82 and heard all the commentary about it. Then the program went to commercial. Never saw #83. That's how "they" dealt with the 'coincidence.'

Carl Vehse said...

A YouTube video, Lutheran Laymans League Rose Parade Float, taken from the HGTV coverage, shows the McQueen HS Lancer Band briefly, just before the LLL float is shown with Pres. Harrison and his wife, Kathy, waving to the crowd. There are also some doves flying out of the church, starting around 5 seconds into the video.