Thursday, May 15, 2014

Legal, safe, and rare. . . yeah, right!

Emily Letts during abortion
  Abortion counselor Emily Letts is being celebrated for starring in her own abortion video.  Her intended message to pregnant women: Come follow me! Having your baby removed is a breeze.

Emily, who works at a New Jersey abortion clinic, had sex with someone with whom she did not want to raise a child and  a new human being was created.  She decided to end motherhood through a surgical abortion.  The former actress decided to make a video capturing the moment that her baby would be separated from her life-sustaining uterus.  For this accomplishment, Emily is featured in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine—the magazine that does not just sell sex but promotes killing the results. 


My words:

Yeah, remember when we were told all the pro-choice people wanted were abortions that were legal, safe, and rare? Instead what we got was a video to show how easy it is to have an abortion and a great witness about a woman having casual sex with multiple partners and using abortion as her preferred means of birth control....


Cliff said...

The enemy is getting more brazen and wish to rub it in our face! We need to stand fast and never give up the cause for Life.

Carl Vehse said...

Abortion-enabling legislators, judges, medical, business leaders, and even counselors are murdering traitors. These traitors need to be indicted, tried, convicted, sentenced, and hanged.