Thursday, May 15, 2014

More neutrality for some than others. . . Thrivent Update

Another has reported

70% of the pro-life organizations that Thrivent had kicked out of their charitable giving programs in the name of “neutrality” have been quietly reinstated...again eligible for Thrivent Choice dollars as well as other Thrivent charitable giving programs.

BUT. . . the heavy hitters, the larger pro-life Lutheran organizations that do much of the heavy lifting for the pro-life cause were NOT reinstated... at least not yet. . .

Sooo... the battle continues to reinstate organizations that had received Thrivent funds regularly prior to the dust up but remain on the list of those unapproved for Thrivent matching or choice dollars.  Thrivent is normally fairly astute about things like this.  Even though many objected, their leadership maneuvered in the change from for Lutherans to for anybody with money.  You read about my objections here.  But they seemed to be completely tone deaf when it came to the proper way of dealing with the concerns raised about pro-abortion providers also on the approved Thrivent list.  They did not realize that this is not some political dispute but it goes to the heart and core of what we believe, confess, and teach.  So their leaders waded into the thick of things, tried to retreat, and ended up with egg on their faces.  Now they are trying to removed Thrivent from the news.  This will not happen until they reinstate all the pro-life organizations previously on the approved list.  Apparently in Thrivent's mind, some pro-life organizations are more neutral than others?!?!?

Starting a new conversation about money cannot happen until the old one ends well...  Thrivent take notice!!


John Joseph Flanagan said...

I am seriously saddened and disappointed in Thrivent and would recommend it to no one. If the Lutheran body will not stand up for the unborn children of our land, 90 percent aborted for convenience alone, then we have truly abandoned the cause of Christ. There is weeping in Heaven for the compromises many professing Christians have made in either supporting abortion or being neutral about it.

Cliff said...

It is truly sad that a Lutheran organization carries on this way. Sometimes I wonder why we bother with some of these Lutheran groups and not work more closely with others who are more in line with our beliefs?

Anonymous said...

Don't expect an insurance/investment company like Thrivent to support pro-life causes. Do it yourself and don't depend on them. Some of us withdrew our investments as a matter of conscience in an organization that purports to support Christian causes.