Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I have an idea. . .


A couple months ago, the mouth-breathing Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram had our attention by kidnapping school girls.

Then ISIS struck and stole the limelight.

Then Hamas stole even more market share by rocketing Israel.

But wait! Then ISIS got back in the game with crucifixions and the YouTubing of a beheading. And they proclaimed that they are now a Caliphate!

Now I read that the mouth-breathing Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram have proclaimed their own Caliphate.  In Borno, Nigeria.

My response:

Don't report on them -- don't give these purveyors of inhuman violence and fear any of their 15 minutes of  fame.  Nothing takes the steam out of newshounds whose agenda is to make themselves seem larger than life more than ignoring them.  Yes.  Ignore them.  Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, Twitter, Internet, etc...  We feed their penchant to be in the news.  Let us starve them to death by taking away from them every platform that gives them a place to say their hateful words, do their evil deeds, and spread their fear and terror.  Ignore them.  They will not go away but they will not thrive in the spotlight like they have been doing!!


Anonymous said...

But don't news outlets make money from clicks and page views? And don't gruesome stories generate clicks and page views?

So where is the incentive to ignore them?

ErnestO said...

If love your enemy means anything then to pray for them is our first priority .............. and by making that statement I don't mean to imply that I'm good at it.