Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Kind of Legoland

My kids have always loved Legos.  My oldest son is not too old to remain in love with the little colored bricks and the world of wonder an imagination can create with them.  My kids have made some awesome Lego builds but nothing like this...  Okay, so many Dad helped these kids out a bit.  Either way it is my kind of Legoland!

Note that this is a traditional church, cruciform in shape, altar ad orientum, with all the appointments, and, it appears, a processional in process, probably to a full, sung, liturgy (whether or not it is a Pontificial High Mass is hard to guage without seeing it in person).  Note the baptistry and confessional...  Hmmmm Very creative!

Now this is how kids ought to spend their creative moments!

You can read about it here... or look at the rest of the pictures below:

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