Saturday, September 6, 2014

A calling higher than desire. . .

Although it is not a perfect response to be sure, the movie called Desire of Everlasting Hills addresses those who are self-described as gay and their journey back into the church.  I noted the distinct idea that there is a calling higher than desire and that this is the realization that led these self-described gay and lesbian individuals to live a chaste and sexually pure life.  After a lifetime of discovery, they harkened to another discovery -- that satisfying desire is not the more fruitful path to peace.  Sort of like Augustine's conclusion that his soul would not rest until it rested in Thee, these three individuals recounted their own awareness of being gay, their individual pursuits of happiness as gay men and a lesbian woman, and their conclusion that there was a higher, more noble calling, than desire.

You watch it and see. .  I think there is something here to explore to respond to those who feel the tension between their desire and their faith.

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