Sunday, September 28, 2014

Can it get any crazier?

Can it get any crazier?  Wait, don't answer that.  At least not until you have read this:

A new Danish law may force pastors in the nominally Lutheran state church (Folkekirken) to perform same-sex weddings in some instances. Folkekirken is ruled directly by the Danish parliament. By law, Folkekirken members have a legal right to have their pastor conduct their wedding. Folkekirken pastors may not refuse, but the 2012 law authorizing same-sex marriage contains a ‘conscience clause’ allowing pastors who consider same-sex marriage unbiblical to decline. A newly enacted Danish law apparently creates an exception to this exception.

The new law permits any person to change his legal gender by simply filing a form stating that he now considers himself of the opposite sex. This person is thereafter considered by the government to have changed gender. No surgical alterations or hormone treatments are required, only the filing of the form. The Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad reports that in the first five days the law was in effect 123 persons filed for a change of legal gender identity.

The government’s Minister for Church Affairs, Marianne Jelved, has stated that if a person in a homosexual partnership files as being of the opposite gender and then wishes to marry the partner, this is now legally a heterosexual wedding. “The right to decline to perform homosexual weddings does not apply,” she stated. “Pastors must respect the civil authority’s determination.” Thus, in the opinion of the Minister, a Folkekirken pastor must perform the wedding in this situation.

“If [following the new law] goes against their consciences,” Jelved told Kristeligt Dagblad, her view is “they can resign.”

My Comments

Read it and weep Weep not only for the immorality and scandal of it all but for the sheer foolishness and stupidity that parades as social justice and enlightenment.  Weep not only for those in the churches who are caught between God and conscience on one hand and law and society on the other but also for the naive and willing who accept without thinking through this strangeness.  Weep not only for the offense to Christian morality and to Scripture itself but also for the way that such radicals have hijacked the agenda, the initiative, and the official channels of religion in pursuit of that which will undo church and state.  For surely God is weeping at what sinful rebellion has done to His greatest work of creation on which alone He placed His image and likeness.  Soiled, cracked, and distorted by sin, the image of God is surrendered even more to the whims of feeling, preference, and desire.  It is not only that we are no closer to God for all this tomfoolery but that we are further from being the people God created us to be -- a spiral of decay that leads us further and further from our divinely appointed place in creation and ever more in need of Him who alone can save us from ourselves.

The land that produced Nicholas Grundtvig has trashed his memory and made the singing of his mighty hymn even more urgent in his own country.  "Built on the Rock the Church Doth Stand"

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