Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Islamic Dilemma. . .

Well, it seems to clear it up for me... though I am not so sure that the Islamic adherents are ready to pay attention and follow this lead...


Anonymous said...

title spellcheck?

John Joseph Flanagan said...

Islam is simply a violent and heathen religion which does not co-exist with Christianity. Therefore, we must recognize it as a threat to our families, our church, our freedom, our nation. We must protect ourselves by denying further immigration of Muslims into our land, close the remaining mosques, deport all those who believe in the jihadi way of life....and just for once, abandon our passive and lethargic attitude....for the safety of the America we wish to preserve.

Wyldeirishman said...

I find it fascinating that Gary has now apparently taken to trolling the blogs of those with whom he once shared communion and fellowship. Not content with his own unbelief, he now actively engages in atheist evangelism. Strange (or is that mere irony?) that during his self-professed de-conversion, he chided others who took it upon themselves to do the very. same. thing.

Hang it up, Gary. Your allotted fifteen minutes has long-since expired. If you so dearly cherish being removed from the Lutheran blogosphere, the very least you can do is prove that such stated intentions of separation are indeed the genuine article.

Anything else is simply the antitheses of "best wishes."

Gary said...

Do you remember the Jim Jones cult?

What if you heard a story that prior to the group leaving the United States and moving to Guyana to meet their tragic fate, an ex-member of the cult had sent letters to individual members and elders of the cult, trying to persuade them that their beliefs were false; that their belief system was built on false superstitions that played upon the people's fear of divine retribution for disobedience? And what if this ex-cult member persisted in sending letters to these people? Would you say the following about this ex-cult member?

-that person is being rude and obnoxious.
-that person needs to mind his own business.
-that person is no longer a part of the group, so what the group does is not his concern.
-if the internet had existed at that time, and this person had been sending emails instead of letters, would you consider him a "troll"?

I would bet that you would find this person's efforts very worthwhile and even heroic.

So when I reach out with the Truth to members of my former cults, Evangelicalism and orthodox Lutheranism, is it really any different? It is very doubtful that these groups will ever ask their members to commit suicide under the ruse of it being God's command, but they still practice the age old tactic of a cult: "Leave the "fold"...and God is really going to get you!"

Wyldeirishman said...

You have nerve, capitalizing "truth."

I am simply pointing out the irony (so ironic, in fact, that I believe I can actually taste the metal) of your engaging in the very behavior that you found fault with others for doing not so long ago. Again, for someone that vigorously protested the cross-pollination of their newly de-converted ramblings across the Lutheran blogosphere, you seem bent on the same type of behavior that you then eschewed.

This is and remains unsurprising, however; if the best that you are able to manage is more of the same banal argumentation coupled with a bit of the passive-aggressive name-calling that you've become (in)famous for recently-going so far on another post here as to question whether or not Jesus actually declared all foods clean-then I'm afraid you're in for quite a bit more hand-wringing.

With all of the Christian charity that I am capable of currently mustering...go pound sand.

Gary said...

All I am asking you to do, friend, is look at all the assumptions that hold up your ancient belief system.

Gary said...

Christianity has no more evidence for its supernatural claims than does Islam.

Before you conservative Christians snicker too vigorously about the silliness of the claims of Islam, you need to take a good look at the baseless superstitions of your own belief system.

Pastor Peters said...


I am growing weary of your posting the same thing on every blog post. Please do not post unless you have something to say to the discussion and not repeat the same comments you have posted from other blog posts. If you have made your point, then move along.