Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Fallacy of How Precious Life Is . .

Throughout the corona virus pandemic we have been told that life is too precious to value simply in money.  By this reasoning, we willingly surrendered a booming economy to the medical experts who insisted that this is what must be done.  Now our vocabulary is filled with new words and phrases that have become routine -- from social distancing that is not so social to masks and sanitizers to testing to contact tracing.  We freely set aside our liberty for the sake of those more fragile or susceptible to our unseen threat.  All of this was done because life was too precious to be gambled with and voices within Christendom insisted that love for neighbor was more important than the command of God to worship Him in the solemn assembly.

But the fallacy in all of this remains that life is not precious at all.  Every day during the restrictions imposed upon us in the name of the pandemic, children in the womb were killed in the essential business of abortion.  Now there is talk that it might be possible for doctors to give aid and consent to suicide through Zoom or other technology -- thus assuring that nothing interfere with the rights of those who have decided enough is enough.  The right to end your own life safely and painlessly is nowhere in the constitution but it has become the new right in a bill of rights tuned to a litany of rights not enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

We have witnessed the protests across America and the world over the shocking killing of George Floyd and seen the restrictions upon gatherings lifted for the first amendment rights of marchers (even while constitutional protections for religious assembly were restricted still).  Yet in the midst of this protest against the death of one who was supposed to be protected and served by the police, we dare not admit that abortion continues to take more Black lives than any other means.  Black lives do matter.  Of course.  Except the black lives in the womb.  No one is protesting the fact that every day nearly 1,000 Black babies are ripped from the wombs of their mothers -- with not only the consent of the mother but with the approval of the greater Black community.  So essential is this right to kill that it is never mentioned as protests rightfully and forcefully stand against this killing of a Black man in police custody.

The fallacy that all lives matter or even all Black lives matter is undone by the constant and prevalent practice of aborting the child in the womb.  It happens every day in numbers that are far beyond any other cause of death in America.  Not even heart disease or cancer come close to the rate of death by legalized abortion.  I cannot countenance the brutality of some police but neither am I willing to condemn all police for the actions of some.  I cannot countenance the violence of some protesters but neither am I willing to condemn all protesters as rioters.  But at some point, we as a culture have decided that the death of infants in the womb must be countenanced and all around us in the outrage of a culture of discrimination and prejudice the silence is deafening for the children we murder every day as if it were normal.  There is nothing liberal about liberalism which will fight for the rights of those who live under prejudice and racism but remains silent in the face of the legalized murder of abortion.


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Pastor, God bless you for recognizing the unborn being destroyed in their mothers' wombs, being stripped of the opportunity to live out the life God gave them. I will remember every time I hear how much black and all other color lives matter... because they don't in the public conscience that allows and condones it as an okay solution to "a problem." Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I stand with you.
Connie Prok