Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Works of distinction. . .

Most books today are rather pedestrian.  They are made to be cheap and too often look as cheap and last as well as they look.  I understand.  Their job is not to entertain the eye but educate the mind.  Yet there are works that deserve something more.  Editions of Scripture, liturgical books for use in the Divine Service, and special commemoratives, for example.  So when I find some works that illustrate this commitment to something more, I cannot help but be attracted.

The same can be said of certificates for baptism, confirmation, ordination, etc.  They cry out to be something more than a mere document but an extravagant node to the importance of such an occasion.

I plead for such worthy art, especially in the life of the Church.  These are the things that give weight to the testimony not simply to a fact and a date but to one with ongoing significance and effect.  Baptism, after all, is not merely the actual event but the fruits of that union with Christ's death and resurrection that are lived out in Him, under Him in His Kingdom, and, indeed, for all eternity.

So from books to certificates, I love it when an artist has gone beyond the minimum and endowed the page with illustrations that befit the page.

I do not know Andrew Steward Jamieson but you can check out his work on Facebook and at his website.

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jwskud said...

Beautiful stuff!

For those who seek nice art on a tight budget, let me advertise the baptismal/marriage certificates at

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