Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let me speak frankly...

For a while now I have posted on this blog the curious, the wondering, the occasionally profound, and seemingly endless meandering thoughts that accumulate in my head.  I have so appreciated this as a way of literally "thinking out loud."  It appears to have resonated with many of you, as well, for more than 200,000 of you have visited the pages and many have left various comments.

This has been a somewhat therapeutic exercise for me.  Dealing with the often stressful and urgent and pressing matters of parish life, the people whose lives are entrusted to my care, and a host of other things parish or personal, well, this has been a welcome outlet for comment and diversion.

I want to take this opportunity to thank those whose support and encouragement have made this a delightful "hobby" within the general umbrella of my pastoral calling.  I also invite you to keep me and my parish in your prayers over the next weeks and months in the hope that some matters, largely beyond our control or influence, find God-pleasing resolution.  Without this "hobby" the particulars of these issues may have been even more difficult for me to manage and through this little blog I try to keep the focus where it needs to be -- on the glorious gift of God's grace in Christ Jesus, on the task of living out our lives within that baptismal vocation, on the wondrous love which is our feast of Word and Table every Sunday, and of the witness of this joyful celebration and life-changing mercy to the world.

So, simply, thank you for listening, for commenting, for disagreeing, for challenging, and for encouraging me -- you have often helped me through some dark moments and, even though I do not know most of you personally, I do not regard lightly the connection we have through this electronic medium.  In the days to come I hope to continue the enterprise and spill out the meandering thoughts of a rather chaotic mind (and messy desk) on to the digital pages of this web conversation.  If they bless you, thanks be to God.  But this has been a blessing to my thought process, a reflection upon the marvelous gift of being a Pastor to God's people in this place, and a place to refocus when the sometimes troubling events of this mortal life can leave me unfocused.


Rev. Richard Habrecht said...

Pastor Peters, On behalf of myself and others who read your blog, I wish to Thank You for your meanderings. Many of us like you have lives full of responsibilities to others and stresses in juggling our time between various vocations. It is helpful to me to take time to shift my thoughts to other topics for a few minutes each day and sometimes to find ideas in your meanderings and the comments left by others that help me in my own situations. The Lord be with you.

Michael Paul 白霈德牧師 said...

Yes, thank you, Pastor Peters.

Roy Askins said...

Pastor Peters, thank you very much for your writings and musings. They are a constant source of inspiration and thought. Thank you.

Lee said...

Great mind, great pastor, great blog. Thank be to God!

Norman Teigen said...

Thank you for your many posts. I have recently weeded my Google Reader garden and you survived the cut.

I haven't always agreed with your opinions but I very much respect the way in which you have presented your views.

I have taken comfort from your pastoral words. Your words reinforce those which I hear faithfully presented each Sunday in mown church.

I s there a struggle or a challenge? For certain.

You don't need me to remind you of what Luther said about challenges, but I'll go-ahead anyway. ORATIO, MEDITATIO, TENTATIO FACIUNT THEOLOGIAM.

Anonymous said...

I try to read your blog daily. I find it thought provoking and a personal blessing. Thank you! And may our Lord bless you as you continue his work.

James Donnelly

Janis Williams said...

Fr. Peters,


You and each member of your family are in my prayers daily.

Pastor Jim Wagner said...

I too must add my words of gratitude. For this ELCA pastor your musings are a constant source of inspiration and joy. I often recommend this blog to congregation and colleagues.

Keep up the good work!