Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Johann!

First, let me save us all a lot of reading and simply urge you to purchase Michael Lawrence marvelous DVD called Bach & Friends.  You can order it online here.  You waste more money on stuff far less interesting or worthy so cough up the cash and get it.  Period.

Second let me point to a couple of outtakes from the Bach & Friends DVD that did not make the cut.  You can listen here.  Holy Moly!  If these did not make the cut, you can only imagine what WAS included.  Again, charge it and get it and play it a couple of times -- at least!

He is arguably the most famous Lutheran in the world, perhaps more famous than Luther himself.  He was a most worthy bearer of the Lutheran legacy of confession and music.  Where would we be without Bach?  No, literally, where???

Happy 327 Johann!

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