Thursday, March 1, 2012

O what tangled web we weave...

Without marriage, without heterosexual marriage, with "partnerships" incapable of natural conception, with the liberal use of reproductive technology and freedoms, come complications beyond belief...  Here is one where two lesbian women now feel betrayed that the gay "biological" father of their child wants some rights.  Hmmm, could never have seen that coming!

Far from imposing upon us unreasonable restriction, the "traditional" understanding of marriage establishes protections for these circumstances which create nothing but chaos, demands for rights, and a child tossed to and fro between the warring "adults."  Now, lest I be accused of being unfair, the same can be said of heterosexual marriages where the full extent of reproductive technology is employed to "make" a child which cannot be conceived in the ordinary manner.  It brings with it untold potentialities for offense, anger, betrayal, and the exertion of parental rights that force a court to decide what is best for a child.  One might hope that a judge could possess the common sense and wisdom to decide more in the interest of the child than the parents battling it out.  One might hope but courts seem just as muddled in their thinking as the parties who appeal to them to settle their disputes.

It is bad enough what happens in ordinary families torn asunder by divorce and to children who become contested property.  Why would we add to the mess by creating new and even more impossible circumstances to mediate between even more claimants to the prize of a child?

Quite apart from whether or not these things are moral and good, the underbelly of our social engineering is a chaotic environment in which "parents" demand rights and the children end up being the stakes in the gamble.  Oh, so sad....  Read it all here....  As St. Paul tells us, all things may be possible but not all things beneficial.  Indeed!

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