Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Word to the Naysayers

In a piece on how we love to hate bishops (well, really any authority figures), Leroy Huizenga says this:  Just as we never hear about planes that take off and land safely, we are never confronted with news of bishops who fulfill their offices with quiet honor.  I resonate with those words. Notoriety comes more from error or sin than from goodness and virtue.  I do complain a lot on this blog (maybe too much).  But I am not simply a naysayer (at least I try not to be).  I am a constant and fervent believer that the Church lives hidden and less obvious than the places and people who grab our attention -- faithful Pastors and church leaders and workers who do their jobs faithfully yet quietly in parishes where faithful and pious Christian people gather to fulfill their baptismal vocations and be the Church.

For all the numbers of parishes where worship has become entertainment and Pastors have become entertainers and church music has become the Christian pop playlist, there are many more parishes worship is focused upon the Word and Table of the Lord, where Pastors served in their priestly roles within the liturgy, and where the music of the Church sings the Gospel to the singers.  They serve quietly yet nobly with the world looking past but God looking on... God bless em!

I just wanted to say this.  I need to be reminded of this from time and time.  So do you.  Just sayin...

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