Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Intersection of Church and State

We often hear the phrase "separation of church and state"—but what is the reality of the relationship between government and organized religion in the United States?

The Intersection of Church & State, a new television special from Lutheran Hour Ministries, addresses this tough question. Hosted by Speaker of The Lutheran Hour Rev. Gregory Seltz, the hour-long program explores how the First Amendment to the Constitution was crafted both to protect the church and the state and to provide a framework within which the two can work together for the common good.

The Intersection of Church & State features careful scholarship and lively commentary by experts on faith and citizenship. In addition to providing insightful educational content, the program also challenges citizens to stay alert to government activity that affects the institution of the church.

Available as a DVD purchase or on the FOX Business Channel as an hour long special, Sunday, September 30, at 4 pm Central Time.

Check it out. . .

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