Monday, September 3, 2012

Multiplying Missional Leaders

A source pointed me to this (remind me to give him proper thanks at another time).  I am passing it on to you because I know the readers of this blog are missional folk who want to multiply the missional leaders in their Lutheran congregations, Districts, and throughout the Synod.

From the PR:

Our development programs are not about releasing leaders to the missional frontier, but volunteers keeping the machine of the church running. To be sure, we should attend to the organization of the church, for it is a significant thing when the scattered church gathers. But as the Church stares precipitous decline in the face—as we look to re-embrace the missio Dei—we must learn again the art that Jesus mastered: the task of multiplying missional leaders and releasing them to the cracks and crevices of society where there is little-to-no Kingdom presence.

People often like quippy sayings like, “We want to be known more for our sending capacity than our seating capacity.” This book is about how that can become a reality in your community.

I want to thank the source because I have been left floundering in my knowledge of and inability to fulfill the missio Dei and now I know -- it is the task of multiplying missional leaders and releasing them to the cracks and crevices of society where there is little or now Kingdom presence.  Because that is what Jesus did.

What a shame I went to seminary so long ago before we had cracked the code and figured out what the missio Dei really is.  What a shame that I wasted 32 years of service as a Pastor simply preaching the Word of God (rightly dividing the Law and Gospel) and administering the Sacraments according to Christ's institution.  What a shame that I was laboring so long under the mistaken understanding that Christ wanted the Gospel proclaimed and the blessed Sacraments administered as the means of grace to call, gather, enlighten, and sanctify His Church on earth in preparation for His coming again in glory when I should have been focusing my attention on leadership development and raising up certain kinds of leaders with certain kinds of minds and skillsets (missional). What a shame I have so many books in my library but have insufficient works on motivational theory, vision casting, missional leadership development, and, of course, my favorite, "coming up with quippy little sayings that people often like."

Am I being disingenuous.  Of course.  And not a little snarky as well.  Oh, well, I have been huddling with all the wrong people when I should have been tweeting more with Mike Breen as my main homie.  I guess the damage is done.  I am a washout from the college of cool (wow does that sound dated).  Perhaps it would be better if I would simply limp off stage and go off into some dying congregation and work my maintenance theories there so that they stay open long enough for me to bury the last bronzie or dinosauer left in the pews....


Anonymous said...

Or, now that you are enlightened, you could get a job in the purple palace or a district office and be a good church bureaucrat who is missional Perhaps you could even become a student at PLI. Blessings on your enlightenment so you now have church growth eyes. You'll fit right in with much of the LCMS Missional Synod. Oh, and condolences on leaving Confessional Lutheranism.

Paul said...

You gift of irony does not go unappreciated:) All believers in Christ are on the mission field in their daily vocation to let their light so shine before men by loving their neighbors. Multiplying missional leaders happens in Holy Baptism. Try that on for size.

John said...

I want the shepherd of the flock to which I belong to be, first and foremost, tending that flock as he was divinely called to do. Way too much law being spouted, today.

Janis Williams said...

Actually, Fr. Peters, I think you look waaaay better in a chausable and sporting a beard. A Justin Bieber haircut and skinny jeans.....

Sorry. I couldn't resist that.

Releasing missional leaders into the cracks and crevices sounds more like we need to call HazMat or the CDC..