Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You know it when you see it...

Remember that old statement by a Supreme Court Justice about the difficulty in writing a legal definition of pornography but "he knows it when he sees it?"  Well, I guess the same could be said of  ugly vestments, ugly churches, and ugly church art.  In this case, a blog has made a go of posting pictures of the offensive vestments, art, and church buildings but it is by no means definitive.  In fact, it seems to be but the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  This blog has the potential to outlive its current owner and writer.  There is just so much that is ugly when it comes to churches and clergy (not speaking of their persons here but what they wear as vestments).

I have long appreciated the contributions of Chistopher Johnson and his blog, Bad Vestments, and have posted a link here from time to time.  Now you can read an interview where he reveals a bit more about his mission and purpose in life -- exposing our bad taste.

As I said, it is a work that will live on past his own life, perhaps the lives of the several who will surely have to continue this holy mission of good taste exposing bad taste.  You may not be able to define in words bad vestments (or ugly churches or terrible church art) but, like porn, you know it when you see it.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Peters,

What kind of vestments are they wearing in Africa? Why doesn't the LCMS let African missionaries try to revive struggling LCMS congregations in the inner city? May they know something that we do not?

Since I will assume that this is your congregation, please tell us more! The explosion in the number of Lutherans in Africa is fascinating. More fun in neighboring Ethiopia here:

Will the EECMY someday engage in altar and pulpit fellowship with the LCMS?

Pastor Peters said...

Well, according to Bishop Gulle and Pastor Yohana, they are wearing albs and stoles, some chasubles, bishops miters and copes, among other things, though not at preaching stations not yet congregations.

I am not sure that the mission work in Tanzania has much in common with the urban culture of America and doubt whether the situations have much crossover.

The work is in place to bring these African Lutherans into fellowship - among other things with the use of study fellowships at LCMS seminaries.

Talk to Pr Al Collver for more!

Rev. Dustin Beck said...

or look into Lutherans in Africa ( Very good stuff.