Monday, September 9, 2013

An example of the Muslim Mob desecrating a Coptic Church

Nevermind that Coptic Christians were present in the Middle East long before Mohammed was born.

Nevermind that Coptic Christians have been the victims of Islamic violence over the centuries.

The cause of the Copts remains an untold, unreported story and our government, ever so concerned about offending Muslims, has raised only the faintest of objections.


Unknown said...

Religion of peace indeed.

Dr.D said...

What a bunch of blood thirsty savages!! They are absolutely bent on theft and destruction.

The religion of pieces. The only peace anyone will ever know there is the peace of the grave.

It makes me sick to know that billions of dollars of US aid go to Egypt every year. We are subsidizing this monstrosity!! We should be ashamed of ourselves.

A little starvation would go a long way toward calming them, I would think.

Fr. D+
Anglican Priest