Monday, September 30, 2013

Make your home fireproof...

Purchase and install.  It is not a stand alone product.  It expects the attention of the faithful in prayer, devotion, learning, and service.  It should be as standard as the smoke alarm in every household.  It is the daily reminder of what you brought with you from the Divine Service and it calls you back each Sunday, as well as directing your time and your labor in between.  As you sleep it is the constant reminder that He who loved you, who saved you by His blood shed on the cross, neither slumbers nor sleeps but watches over, protects, and defends His own baptized people.  It tells the visitor to your home who you are by saying whose you are.  Get one today!


Janis Williams said...


Dr.D said...

I agree that all catholic Christians should have one or more crucifixes in their home. There are several in my home, most particularly on my home altar (I have a home chapel) but elsewhere as well.

Fr D+

Anglican Priest