Sunday, September 15, 2013

What would Jesus think?

A recently closed church property belonging to the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut will soon be leased to a local Muslim group as part of an interfaith partnership.

The Diocese recently announced the creation of the partnership that provides the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center with facilities used by the former Christ Episcopal Church of Avon.
Dr. Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, president of the FVAMC, told The Christian Post that they are "thrilled" by the interfaith partnership and plan to move into the Avon property soon.

"We hope to move in in the coming weeks. Since we're leasing the facility, we're keeping the modifications to the bare minimum needed to accommodate our activities," said Abu-Hasaballah. "The facility has been de-consecrated by the bishop and the altar removed. We are also relocating some pews to free up enough space for Muslim congregational prayers."

From:  The Christian Post

Makes me so happy... what about you?  I bet Jesus is just thrilled, too!  Don't you? 


Unknown said...

The episcopalians sue, go to court with parishes that don't toe the line withe ECUSA's quack liberal theology and once they win custody over te disputed parish, ECUSA gives it to the Muslims? Perfectly their twisted universe.

Anonymous said...

Would they also consider the conversion of these former churches acts of "interfaith partnership:"