Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gospel of John as Baptismal Text

Click here to go to Outer Rim Territories for recordings of the Rev. Dr. William Weinrich teaching at the 2017 Indiana District Pastor's Conference in May of this year.  The narrative of the Gospel of John is replete with and guided by images and stories which reflect the central necessity of baptism for the reality and life of the church. Through discussion of select sections of John’s Gospel, culminating in the passion of Jesus as the institution of baptism, the presentations will attempt to make clear that the Gospel of John is a distinctly baptismal text. To be begotten from above through water and Spirit is to partake in the life of Jesus who is himself the gift of eternal life and whose life is itself the life lived in view of baptism.”

Dr. Weinrich is the author of the Gospel of John in the Concordia Commentary Series and is a great teacher (my teacher, mentor, and friend since 1976 -- when we were both, shall we say, young men). 

HT  Christopher Gillespie

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