Monday, September 18, 2017

I think he is on to something. . .

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Carl Vehse said...

To paraphrase Matt Walsh:

"Please don't complain about abortion if you support the elected and appointed representatives who legalize and promote such genocide of children...You are standing on a mountain of hypocrisy while you avoid sermonizing about bringing these lying murdering politicians and other abortionists to justice for crimes against humanity and treason."

In the Abstract to his paper, "Nuremberg and the Crime of Abortion” (University of Toledo Law Review, Vol. 42 Winter 2011, p. 283-394), Prof. Jeffrey C. Tuomala writes (p. 283):

“The Nuremberg tribunals generally limited their jurisdiction over crimes against humanity to offenses committed during wartime. The post-WWII doctrine that high-level government officials are liable for massive human rights violations committed against their own citizens in peacetime has become widely accepted and has major implications for international criminal law.”