Saturday, September 9, 2017

What kind of whitewashed truth do you want?

I have not watched Dr. Who for a while but my daughter is a faithful viewer.  So it was with some interest that I heard it announced with great fanfare that the next Dr. Who will be a woman.  Many pundits thought it was about time.  I really do not get the whole craze to fill traditionally male roles with women.  It drives me crazy.

When will it be Jane Bond 007 or Mrs. Poirot or Mother Brown?  Shall we have Churchill played by Maggie Smith?  Honestly, if that is what equality means, we are in a sad state.  If in order to be equal we rewrite history or transform great literary characters of old to be female, what kind of sad equality is that?  Perhaps the most foolish was the recent warning by Brian Truitt of USA reviewing the historical drama Dunkirk:
The trio of timelines can be jarring as you figure out how they all fit, and the fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.
Uh, duh.  It was Dunkirk.  The French and English soldiers were male and were rescued by men.  It was not a sexist act and the story is not sexist either.  It is history.  You do not rewrite history to meet modern politically correct ideals.  Really?!  If we take it upon ourselves to impose upon the past the prejudices of the present, we will have a distorted future or worse, a future in which we repeat the travesties of our past because we forgot them.

Lets do a biopic on Cleopatra in which she is now a Latino gay man or make Harriet Tubman into a Viking sailor man.  Why not?  It is only history.  Could it be that we do not know history or do not  believe history is true -- because that would account for our willingness to reflect modern ideals upon the past.  Or is it that we are so self-centered that we cannot conceive of a time or a story in which the character is no modern and progressive?

Religion is by no means immune from this ridiculousness.  We enlarge certain female characters in Scripture to give them equal status with the chief male cast.  It is not only inaccurate but it is condescending to women!  Jesus was not born a person but a man.  This is not an incidental fact but an essential one.  To ignore this is to ignore history and to sacrifice the truth to fit modern prejudice.  Is it prejudice to reflect accurately history and truth?

We have become so captive to modern viewpoints and so fragile that we much remake the past in the image of the present that we cannot even face reality and truth.  How on earth can we ever expect to deal honestly with our sins?  What kind of whitewashed history will we settle for in our pursuit of a progressive ideal?


Ted Badje said...

To be honest, there were quite a few Africans in the French army. I get the gist of your article, though.

Anonymous said...

Pastor, you write well, but you have a tendency to over-generalize to make your points. We enlarge female characters in scripture to give them equal status with men... Like who? Mary? Deborah? Your final paragraph may describe an agenda of our media culture, but to use a sweeping "we" to include all Americans weakens your argument. From a previous post, some prefer TLH but their hearts are not in it... Do we know people's hearts?

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath Father Peters. WWII was won by Generals like
General George Patton. Nobody would ever dare cast a woman in his

Anonymous said...

I agree fully with what Pastor Peters has said here. We are surrounded by abundant foolishness seeking to impose modern ideas of equality on a history that has never been that way. There is a reason why history is what it is, and in part that reason is that men and women ARE DIFFERENT. We deny that today to our own peril.

Can you envision Georgia Washington crossing the Delware with skirts flying in the wind? Or,m to be fair, we should probably cast Joan of Arc as a gay boy. After all, fair is fair!!

Pr. Peters has it exactly right!


Anonymous said...

I think what pastor Peters is thinking about are Bible studies like The Bad Girls of the Bible, parts 1 - ??? Trying to give equal time to men and women is bad for women as well as men. We approach the Scriptures recognizing how God used each of them without trying to make them something different than they were.

Anonymous said...

Don't think for a single minute that fewer people are going to see movies only because they believe ticket prices at theaters are too high. Theaters are too expensive, but that is not the only reason why movie attendance is at a 20 year low.......

I simply can't divorce Hollywood from its politics. I can't just go and enjoy a movie anymore. They insist on injecting their dogmas on to me. Before the movie I see nothing but politics from the actors, telling me how awful a person I am. During the movie it's an endless barrage of extremism masked as social justice. We don't have cable TV, and we rarely ever watch TV in our house. Our family is extremely selective about what we watch. I suspect we are not alone.

Indeed, most Americans are turned off by the militant social justice warrior agenda being pushed on them by New York, Hollywood, and BBC news and entertainment executives via movies, sports, music, and tv shows:

Have faith and rejoice, Pastor Peters. Your daughter will soon stop watching Doctor Who out of disgust for yet another social justice agenda being pushed. She may turn to productive hobbies such as listening to confessional Lutheran podcasts or even start reading again (as I have done).

The LCMS and its confessional Lutheran partner churches are indeed counter cultural!

Carl Vehse said...

Now if we can only convince the Purple Palace to abandon its support for 'social justice' agendas like that hawked by the left-wing LIaRS (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service) and other pro-DECA advocates.