Monday, October 29, 2018

Survey says. . .

You have heard the old expression, happy wife, happy life?  What about pastors and their parishes?  Take a gander at what Barna has surveyed and think about the results.

Pastors seem somewhat content with their present church but much more happy about being pastors than where they pastor.

Pastors love preaching most of all. . . surprise?  No, but it is a surprise that they are not so fond of pastoral care.

Pastors are most frustrated by apathetic members.  Go figure!!!  People who tend to make pastors act like dads raising immature children, reminding them to go to church, to give to support the work of the Lord, to read the Bible, to grow in faith. . . yeah, that is frustrating but it is part and parcel of the pastoral vocation.  Read Hebrews or Paul.

Pastors are good preachers.  At least those who are bald in the back.  Those who are bald in the front just think.  Those who are bald all over think they are good preachers.  Okay, pardon me the old joke.  I have been at this for more than 40 years and I am not sure I would say I am a good preacher.  I will leave that to the judgment of others.  No surprise that pastors hate being fund raisers.  What joy is there in that job???  What is surprising is that pastors think they are good at connecting with their neighbors and communities -- I daily struggle at this and would never say this is a personal strong point.  The bigger surprise is the number who think they are good evangelists.  Is it too low or too high???

I suppose surveys are most important to the people doing them.  I do not pay all that much attention to the results but I do find them interesting and challenging.  You can look it over at your leisure and if you come up with interesting conclusions, share them with me. . . please.

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