Saturday, February 20, 2021

A damn good job. . .

“I went to church the other day to free my soul from sin;
I was looking for the preacher, but the preacher wasn’t in.
The sexton then assured me that there’d be no use in waiting,
“The preacher’s gone away,” he said, “to do some demonstrating.”
I asked for the assistant — the next in line would do.
“Sorry,” said the sexton, “he’s demonstrating, too.”
“Well, what I want to know,” I said, “and I’ll make myself quite clear,
While they’re off demonstrating, who’s running things down here?
“Who’s taking care of sinners?  Who’s leading us in prayer?
Who’s feeding all the lost sheep that wander by right here?
Who’s baptizing the babies? and, another thing,” I said,
“Who’s looking out for the sick folks and blessing all the dead?”
The sexton was a wise old man with a twinkle in his eye;
He looked at me and scratched his head, and this was his reply:
“Son, what I’m going to say to you might strike you kinda odd,
But since no one’s here to help you, put your question up to God.”
So I asked Him all these things last night when I bent my knee to prayer,
“O Lord,” I prayed, “please tell me, who’s running things down here?”
The Lord sent down an angel — it was enough to make me sob —
When the angel said, “The devil, and he’s doing a darn good job.”

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