Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Watch what he does not what he says. . .

The devout President Biden has certainly flexed his Roman Catholic wings in pursuit of what must be the most Roman Catholic cabinet on record but they mirror his own conflict with his church's teachings.

When Biden announced that he was naming Dr. Richard (or “Rachel”) Levine as Assistant HHS Secretary, Fr. James Martin, often sympathetic with the GLBTQ+ cause, was happy with the choice, calling the appointment “a historic step forward in the recognition of the dignity of tPerhe transgender person” -- in spite of the fact that in 2019 the Vatican issued a sweeping denunciation of so-called gender theory.  Not to mention that as one of his first acts in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to interpret sex discrimination in federal law to include sexual orientation and gender identity -- a move that will dramatically impact high school and college sports, the privacy of single-sex bathrooms, faith-based organizations that are government grantees or contractors, and whether employees may face retaliation for voicing “discriminatory” religious beliefs.

While Rome was at odds with the policy of the Trump administration regarding the death penalty, the numbers of those put to death for their crimes on state and federal level is extremely small while the death penalty enacted against the hundreds of thousands of children killed in the womb every year makes the COVID numbers look small.

Perhaps Trump was a less moral man than Biden on the outside and certainly his Christianity was not something to be taken for granted, but his positions did more to protect life, religious freedom, traditional views of gender, and so many other doctrinal positions of the Roman Catholic Church than Biden has done in his first month in office.  While I am not commending Biden, Rome, or Trump, I am saying that you need to watch what a President does instead of what he says to find out the mettle of the man.

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John Joseph Flanagan said...

We should always remember that politicians are sometimes double tongued salesmen who will say anything for votes, and those who are truly manipulative scoundrels, like President Biden, are usually deceptive and rarely tell the truth.