Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Breathtaking Virtual Tour

A friend has passed on to me these links which offer you a virtual tour of some of the most precious real estate in the world -- St. John Lateran and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

To tour St. John Lateran, click HERE.

To tour the Sistine Chapel, click HERE.

Unbelievable beauty! 


Ted Badje said...

Pictures of Rome, Nuns, Shadows of the Pope...are we trying out putting our swim trunks on to cross the Tiber river?

Pastor Peters said...

Can we not as Lutherans appreciate the architectural and canvas beauty of St. John Lateran or the Sistine Chapel? The picture of the nuns was less about Rome than about the whole idea the youth disdains tradition. And the Pope's Shadow was about Lutheran Pastors who appear ill at ease within the chancel.

If I were going to swim the Tiber, well, I would not swim. I would wait for a cruise ship. Anyway, if I were going to swim the Tiber, there would have to be more on the other side than a few traditional nuns, a Pope's shadow, and the architectural beauty of the Vatican...