Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ooh, that's why I'm easy... I'm easy like Sunday morning

Ooh, that's why I'm easy... I'm easy like Sunday morning...  That's why I'm easy... I'm easy like Sunday morning... so sang Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores in their 1977 hit.... Wasn't much happening on Sunday morning in 1977 but a report on internet usage suggests that some folks are pretty busy on Sunday morning today.  The big easy of Sunday morning has apparently taken on a whole new meaning.

According to a study, the most popular time to access internet pornography is Sunday morning (the least busy day for internet porn is Thanksgiving Day).  Well, there you have it.  One good reason for going to Church on Sunday morning.  It cuts down on internet porn traffic.  Which has some logic to it.  Something like 2 of every 3 porn watchers are men and the number of women and children in Church exceeds the number of men, so, well, you add it all up.

BTW... interesting also is that if both mom and dad are regular in Church on Sunday morning, it is a 40% chance their children will continue regularly and another 38-40% will be irregular in Church, with a loss of only about  20% of their children.  Even more interesting, is that if mom only is regular and dad is either irregular or completely absent from Church on Sunday morning, the chances the children will be regular drops to the single digits.  The numbers of irregular attenders for the children of these parents hovers about 1 out of 5.  But, the most striking numbers are that if mom is irregular but dad is regular, the percentage of their children who will be regular is about the same as if BOTH are regular and so with the irregular church attenders...

So, men, home is not only a distraction but a temptation.  Church on Sunday morning is where you need to be... for you... and for your family...  Save a child, reduce internet porn traffic... Go to Church!


Anonymous said...

So, if you're a woman trying to be faithful in church attendance without a lot of support from your spouse, you might as well not even bother because you don't count? This is very discouraging news.

George said...

I think, anonymous, you'e missing the forest for the trees.

These sad statistics are not meant to disparage faithful & persevering women but to call men to repentance & accountability for their spiritual headship of their wives & children or their lack thereof as the case may be.

As for women not counting, well, St. Monica shows us that isn't always the case. But her story & these modern statistics show how much negative impact the failures of fathers have on their children & mitigate against the good & faithful efforts of their wives.

Conversely it also shows the great importance of fathers.

Pastor Peters said...

We hear through the lens of our wounds. No one would fault you for going alone without your husband or for taking your children with you. This is laudable and yet your solemn duty. God cannot ask more of you. Yet at the same time, we realize that no matter which spouse attends alone, it is not as God would desire. I would not fault your or discourage you, but I would scold and hold accountable the spouse who will not go with you, that your family may be one in the Lord's house...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #1 : If you are in a
marriage with a non-Christian, there
is comfort from 1 Peter 3:1,2 "Wives
if your husband does not believe the
word, he may be won over without
words by the behavior of the wife,
when he sees the purity and reverence
of your life." (NIV)

In plain English the quality of a
strong Christian example of a wife is
stronger than scolding or arguments.

Rev. Kevin Jennings said...

Several years ago, I took a grad. business research class. I learned two things. One was that I didn't really want to be around the professor anymore.

The second, and much more usable item learned is that, when reading a statistical study that is published, it's important to know who paid for the study.

I looked at the list of sources. There were the usual family organizations, but there were unexpected sources: the BBC, the Daily Mail, etc. In other words, with sources like these, this is a study to take seriously.

On to comment on the post: Several years ago, I toured the Italian section of Boston on a Sunday morning - I know, I was playing hookey. The coffee shops were full of Italian men who were discussing the issues of the day, I think. Much of their speech was either Bostonian or Italian. When my aunt asked where the women were, my mother answered, "They're at church with the kids." Footnote: My dad was and continues to be in church EVERY Sunday, and he's not a pastor.

My point: Guys (and girls, too) who don't want to go to church are going to find distractions, whether it be discussions in coffee houses or looking at pictures of naughty bits on the computer or going to the mall/fishing/hunting/golf/pick your favorite distraction.

That's why it is critical to continue the call of repentance and faith to those who are absent or have never been present at all.

To Anonymous, praise God for your faithfulness in teaching your family the truths of the faith, even if you are shorthanded in your duties!

God bless!