Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death in NYC -- BY FAR

In 2008, according to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, there were 55,391 total deaths in New York City. Also in 2008, according to the New York State Department of Health, there were 82,475 induced abortions in New York City.
Let’s break it out with some leading causes of death in New York City in 2008:

Cause of Death Number of Deaths
Heart Disease 21,844
Cancer 13,116
Influenza/Pneumonia 2,578
Diabetes 1,708
Stroke 1,669
Deaths by All Causes (excluding abortion) 55,391
Induced Abortions 82,475

The number of people who died from abortion in 2008 in New York City is 149% of the number of people who died from all other causes. Put another way, abortion accounts for 60 percent of all deaths in New York City.

HT to the Catholic Key blog...  so disturbing that no comment can appropriately gauge the shock of these numbers...


rev_af_col said...

Truly disturbing. I thought it enlightening on another plain. The 55 plus thousand didn't break out murder, etc.

Paul said...

Kyrie, eleison!

Anonymous said...

Just a minor point worth clarifying before sharing this information.

The statistics for all deaths are from 2006 while the abortions number is from 2008. The induced abortions number for New York City in 2006 is 83,226. Clearly this doesn't change the shocking truth, but having the facts precisely correct makes it harder to discount them.

Incidentally, the same year the total live births in New York City is listed as 119,430.

Pr. John Rutz

Carl Vehse said...

The posted phrase, "Induced Abortion," includes, by definition, an "Inducer(s)," specifically those who induce the abortion (otherwise it would be a "spontaneous abortion") .

Here are some faces of "inducers" and abortion promoters expressing their hell-spawned hate (and self hate) in a video of a February 27 pro-abortion rally in Chicago.

Normative... said...

I hear people saying that God does not judge us. How could a loving and merciful God not judge us for such things. Silence is deemed to be consent. We are corporately guilty before our loving, merciful and JUST God.