Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Forgiving debt but not the debtors. . .

The role of the presidential pardon is an interesting one.  They are not without controversy and yet clearly it is within the power and prerogative of the President to issue a full pardon or commute the sentences of those whom he chooses.  From time to time Presidents have, perhaps, overused the pardon.  Then we hear from some group or another that the whole darn thing should be up for review.

President Obama appears to need little review since he is by far the stingiest President in modern history.  He seems to want to forgive GM its debts for the sake of the auto industry and to forgive those homeowners under water with houses worth less than they owe, but Mr. Obama seems reticent to forgive the sins and set the sinners free.  Perhaps this tells you something about the man.  I am not at all sure how to interpret it but I think it can be said the Christian character is merciful, giving to the unworthy and undeserving forgiveness for which they dare not ask but the religion of which Obama is accused of being is more inclined toward justice unsullied by mercy (Islam).  I am not saying anything about the President's faith.  I am not in a position to judge his heart.  Clearly, however, he does not seem inclined much toward acting with the mercy that is well within his power.  What do you think?

Granted Pardon Applications
Granted Commutation Applications
All Applications
1 in every 2
1 in every 15
1 in every 3
1 in every 3
1 in every 25
1 in every 4
1 in every 3
1 in every 36
1 in every 5
1 in every 5
1 in every 100
1 in every 8
H.W. Bush
1 in every 10
1 in every 245
1 in every 19
1 in every 5
1 in every 90
1 in every 16
W. Bush
1 in every 13
1 in every 779
1 in every 55
1 in every 50
1 in every 5,557
1 in every 290

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Anonymous said...

He promised to end the unconstitutional policies of his predecessor. After he got elected, he chose to continue and even intensify Bush's policies. Believe the opposite what that man says, and you will be fine.