Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ordain a lady...

Supposedly this comes from a Roman Catholic group seeking the ordination of women.  Parody or sincere?  I find it hard to take it seriously but... who knows... just thought I would pass it on...  you know... it only takes a spark...

HT to Dr. Tighe


Rev. Alan Kornacki, Jr. said...

I have an acquaintance who said that he'd be okay with the ordination of women if they could find 12 attractive ones to put together a swimsuit calendar.

Anonymous said...

The video is the opposite of serious discussion, which they lose every time. These ladies don't respect the Word of God or church tradition. So, they are not Roman Catholic.

The whole thing is particularly silly in the case of Roman Catholics who allow women to be nuns. Of course that is a whole bunch of service and submission to authority with no chance to advance to Pope or Bishop. Women never want the horrible jobs that men have like coal mining or oil field worker. They lust after the power and authority that a only a few men have. They seek to lord it over people. Check out that chick who lords it over the whole Episcopal church. Yeah, she epitomizes the kind of woman who is ambitious in the worst sense of the word.

Unknown said...

Using that hideous tune "Call me Maybe" to promote your warped viewpoint just shows how desperate you really are.

Carl Vehse said...

Another hit single by the Antichristettes: Mr. Pope-man (to the tune of “Mr. Sandman“)

Mr. Pope-man, bring me a dream;
Make me a priestess like you’ve never seen.
Give me a stole and chasuble vestures,
And let me do those sacerdotal gestures.

Pope-man, it’s so unfair,
St. Paul’s epistles “males only” declare.
Change this with a papal bull;
Mr. Pope-man, give girls priest rule.

Mr. Pope-man, bring me a dream;
Make me a priestess like you’ve never seen.
A mitre to wear — it’s really no big deal;
Then someday I’ll need papal shoes in high heel.

Pope-man, I’m so alone,
No female cleric to call my own.
Please contrive a pontiff scheme;
Mr. Pope-man, give gals their dream.

Mr. Pope-man, bring me a dream;
Let women clergy be part of the team.
You’ll soon have girlish bishops and vicars
(And maybe GLBT priests in knickers).

Mr. Pope-man, a crozier to hold
Would be so peachy before I’m too old.
So change God’s Word with your decrees
Mr. Pope-man, ordain,
Please, please, ordain,
Mr. Pope-man, ordain girls priests.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

If this video was not done by the Papist; then this would be postmodern absurdity.

wcbpolish said...

The guy I carpool with is a non-practicing Roman Catholic. He's around my age, so mid-late 20's. Apparently his liberal parents were proponents of woman ordination when he was a kid and were involved in some sort of group that was pushing for it.
Weird. This movement is older than I thought