Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This would solve a myriad of problems....

Piers Morgan: Let's Amend the Bible to Endorse Gays

This would be hilarious if I didn't think this kind of thinking was epidemic among Christians.

Christian Culture News reports:
CNN’s Piers Morgan, who has described himself as a Christian, apparently thinks the Bible, like the U.S. Constitution, needs to be rewritten to get rid of passages condemning homosexuality and those describing marriage as exclusively heterosexual … so that Christians will some how change their minds to embrace same-sex marriage.

Morgan’s comment reportedly came during an interview with Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren aired on CNN on Christmas Eve, according to Twitchy.
I can think of so many problems with Christianity that could be solved by simply rewriting or simply some judicial editing of the text... but wait.... hasn't that been tried already... and still... by every generation... discontent with the words God has chosen... desiring to substitute their own words for God's... and... isn't that idolatry????   Worshiping our words as God's????
Morgan clearly hasn't thought through anything about his religion which he professes to be Christianity.

Here's the thing. We've seen what liberals have done to the Constitution when they made it a "living breathing" document. It means we can all do whatever the heck we want and no institution shall stand against our every whim. To do the same thing to the Bible is the destruction of Christianity.

Christianity has commandments, not amendments.

Christianity is not supposed to mirror secularism folks. It's the antidote. Our natures are fallen. Our world is broken. Secularism wants to play with the pieces of a broken world. Christianity allows us to build.

The Word of the Lord endures forever....  you cannot add nor take away from it... only hear it, keep it by faith, and seek to live in obedience to its voice and promise...

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RobC said...

Unfortunately this has already been done with the "Queen James Bible" (it disgusts me just to type that).