Saturday, January 29, 2022

Danger. . .

This is by far more dangerous than outright blasphemy.  Its danger is that it takes what is real and profound and powerful and turns it into a casual encounter with a Divine whom we would define, control, and create.  Don't forget the little breathing exercise that begins it all.  And the obligatory smiling faces.  Boomer heaven and a little hell on earth.  It makes worship into a performance, with God as the spectator, and turns us into the actors.  Do we hang on God's Word or does God hang on ours?


 Addendum:  I was asked by a reader why something like this is so dangerous.  My reply is that the danger lies in how the things of God are treated.  The danger lies in making the things of God simply techniques for our own benefit or purpose, the equation of sentiment with faith, and the treating of theater as worship.  Good theater may be good theater but it is not good worship.  Even though I would hardly suggest that this mass is liturgical, the liturgy of this mass is more showy than a highly liturgical service because the mass itself is being used as a tool instead of recognized as the place where the almighty God delivers to us His good gifts.  It is performance art.  Roman Catholics tend to be rather good at this but so do Lutherans.  It is an enemy of God's work and purpose and demeans the means of grace.  It is too clever by half and yet many will mistake the saccharine character of what goes on as how God welcomes us and what God gives to us.  

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