Friday, July 24, 2015

Me thinks thou dost protest too much. . .

Planned Parenthood is hit with a second video that flies square in the face of their denial of selling the body parts of aborted children.  This time we even hear price haggling.  Truly the saddest turn in the unfolding drama of what to do in the wake of the abortion decision of January 1973.  Though it was once said that Americans generally agreed that abortion should at least be safe, free, and rare, we find the economic incentive has turned the debate to a new chapter in which the safety may be given but the rarity conflicts with fetal organs as a growth industry and the free cost is countered by the financial windfall of the sale of body parts of aborted children.  How could it get much worse?  But, of course, we know it can and it will.  When we devalue life and place ourselves in control of it, the outcome is never salutary.

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