Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Third and worst Planned Parenthood video. . .

You can watch it here but I could not get through the first few seconds. . .

The latest sting video from the “Human Capital” documentary web series produced by the Center for Medical Progress is the most disturbing one yet. The horrific footage includes technicians picking over aborted baby parts, and is being described by horrified viewers on Twitter as “Godless,” “evil,” and “demonic.” The video also includes new admissions from Planned Parenthood leadership about the illicit pricing structure.


Carl Vehse said...

But in Missouri Synod Lutheran worship services this Sunday, how many pastors will offer imprecatory prayers to God concerning Planned Parenthood and its sale of slaughtered children? Or concerning the BSA, or the SCOTUS majority, or the Obama regime, or Demonicrats and RINOs?

... other than the implicit imprecation in the Third Petition of the Lord's Prayer, of course.

Alec said...

Pastor Peters,

This doesn't get any less horrible the more we hear about it.

As an American Lutheran, what should be think about our involvement with Thrivent? LCMS and WELS both support it, and so are supporting Planned Parenthood. Can't our denominations do anything about this? Do they even care?

Aren't we guilty by allowing Thrivent's support of Planned Parenthood to continue?

Always respect your opinion, Pastor Peters.

With kind regards,

Carl Vehse said...

In the Abstract to his paper, “Nuremberg and the Crime of Abortion” (University of Toledo Law Review, Vol. 42 Winter 2011, p. 283-394), Prof. Jeffrey C. Tuomala writes (p. 283):

“The Nuremberg tribunals generally limited their jurisdiction over crimes against humanity to offenses committed during wartime. The post-WWII doctrine that high-level government officials are liable for massive human rights violations committed against their own citizens in peacetime has become widely accepted and has major implications for international criminal law.”

In his conclusion, Prof. Tuomala writes (p. 394):

“The prosecution’s theory that the German government unlawfully encouraged abortion by providing or funding abortion services directly applies to the U.S. government’s practice of providing abortion services in federal facilities and providing funding for abortions. The prosecution’s theory that the German government committed crimes against humanity by prohibiting Polish courts from punishing abortion is analogous to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, which effectively prohibited states from protecting unborn children.”
“Abortion was one face of Nazi genocide. It was a face unashamed of its purpose-to reduce the growth in populations that the Nazi elite ‘did not want to have too many of.’ [Chief U.S. prosecutor at Nuremberg and SCOTUS] Justice Jackson had hoped that the people of Germany and of the world would be so moved by the spectacle of these atrocities that they would collectively resolve ‘Never Again!'”

May God lead Christian and other citizens to publicly discuss, plan, demand and work for our nation to establish a similar Nuremberg-type trial, conviction, and sentencing of government officials in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of federal and state governments, doctors, businessmen, bankers, leaders of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, and representatives of the major political parties who have promoted, enabled, funded and conducted the genocidal murder of unborn children.

Cliff said...

It is indeed sad that the Missouri Synod and it's equivalent in Canada, LCC, very seldom if ever mention the crime of abortion let alone even mentioning the word abortion.

No wonder Christianity is in decline when even the most ardent adherents are comfortable with the status quo.

Time to shake the Church by the core and issue a wakeup call before it is too late. Or maybe it is already too late?


Pastor Peters said...

Quote: It is indeed sad that the Missouri Synod.

That is not true. The LCMS has been most visible and vocal in its opposition to abortion. Lutherans for Life is a viable organization protesting abortion and promoting all aspects of the cause of life throughout the nation. There may be places where this is not front and central but in most parishes it is. Even the weekly prayer of the day formats emailed to those who wish to use them often mentions the cause of life, the plight of the unborn, and the crime of abortion regularly.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Peters, I wish I could share your sentiment about our church bodies taking a stand on abortion. But in my neck of the woods, what you describe is rare indeed if not non-existent. Consistency is not the norm.