Thursday, December 13, 2018

What you should not say to one desiring to be a pastor. . .

What you should not say to a young man who wants to be a pastor. . .

1. “Are you sure you wanna do that?”
2. “Won’t you be lonely?”
3. “I couldn’t do that.”
4. “They don’t get paid very well.”
5. “So you’re really in to that religion stuff?”
6. “Wow . . . never saw that coming.”
7. “Did you just go through a bad breakup?”
8. “What’s the matter? Don’t think you can cut it in the real world?”
9. “Wish I only had to work one day a week.”
10. “I think women should be pastors.”
11. "You used to be so cool, what happened?”
12. “You’re too young to do that now, wait until you have had a little fun.”

Maybe you can add to the list of things that could be said to discourage young men from considering the pastoral ministry.  I certainly heard most of them and think most young men desiring to be pastors have heard them as well.  Keep saying them and it may well be that they will give up on this vocation. . . if that is what you want to happen.


Dr.D said...

What was the point of this post, Pastor? I fail to follow.

Anglican Priest

Anonymous said...

If my son were to announce that he wants to become a pastor, I would encourage him to declare an undergraduate major that would enable him to become bi-vocational. That is all. I know a guy who is a Baptist pastor who works at a shipping company part-time. A 50% pastor and 50% layman is not just a Lutheran thing.....