Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Exeter. . .


If you like history and architecture like I do, this may be of interest to you. It is not new -- it is nearly 40 years old, but very interesting!


Samual said...

This is superb! Thank you.

Timothy Carter said...

28 minutes and 40 seconds well-spent. Thank you Pastor.
The name of the Master Builder Of Exeter Cathedral is unknown...or rather known but to God.
Timothy Carter, simple country Deacon. Kingsport, TN.

William Tighe said...

The narrator's "Seventh Sunday after Trinity" is probably a mistake for "Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity" (24 September 1972) since the Michaelmas ordinations are occurring during the service.

It brought back pleasant memories of visits to the Rev'd Prebendary M. J. Moreton (1917-2014) between 1983 and 2007. Moreton was for many years "Professor of New Testament Studies" at the University of Exeter, but he was more accurately a scholar of the History of the Liturgy, and his great work on that subject, From Jerusalem to Rome: The Jewish Origins ans Catholic Tradition of Liturgy was posthumously-published, on line only, by the Henry Bradshaw society, and can be read here:


Fr. Moreton can be seen as one of the Bishop Mortimer's attendant clergy (the hirsute one, not the bald one, on the bishop's right hand after the ending of the procession) from 19:02 to 10:55 and again, briefly, at times down to 12:18.

His book is worth reading. He was a great devotee of the Roman Canon as expressing a pure Early Church view of the Eucharist as the "Sacrifice of Praise" of Malachi 1:11.